Creating an efficient online store based on Magento 2

Secret Lashes is a Polish cosmetic brand, a market leader that has been producing and distributing false eyelashes, accessories for eyelash extension, thickening and care for 14 years. With the growing popularity of the brand, greater traffic in the online store, the brand began to develop dynamically and benefit from the trend of growing e-commerce segment in Poland and in the world.

Our partner asked Alekseon for support in ​​maintenance and development.

The starting position of the brand

The Secret Lashes brand needed an ecommerce agency that would support it in the development of the e-shop, its maintenance and optimization activities. The brand was looking for a technology partner who would focus on technical support/advice and take steps to improve the website's performance.

The challenge

We had to audit the store and trace the way it was built by the previous entity. The challenge, as it often happens, was the ready-made graphic template of the website, which changed the native files a lot and the lack of a code repository, so we couldn't go back to previous versions.

The aim

Reconstruction and an update to the latest version of Magento 2 of the existing store, fully responding to the increased needs of the client in line with the latest e-commerce trends.

What we have achieved

Integration with the marketing automation tools from ExpertSender

As part of this cooperation, we implemented the transfer of customer information to the ExpertSender system that allows Secret Lashes to automate marketing activities in e-commerce, build an e-mail marketing database and manage shipping. The entire tool managed from a friendly panel will now allow our client for better customer retention, recommending products based on the user's behavior in the store as well as better building and hygiene of the e-mail database.

SEO optimization based on an SEO audit prepared for the client

It's no secret that an optimized online store means a friendlier website, higher positions in organic search results and more frequent visits by Google bots. Corrections we made include adapting the store to the requirements of Google Page Speed, allowing the client to add content regarding category descriptions, and making it possible to get rid of JavaScript errors generated when entering the store.

Rebuilding and rewriting poorly executed and suboptimal code

The store was previously implemented and developed by a freelancer with limited experience and knowledge of how such projects should be initiated and developed. There was no documentation on the scope of work performed, and no tracking of development progress in the project. Together with the client, we audited the store, code, plugins used, server configuration, leading step-by-step to a place where the client's team can control the back-office, manage the store, as well as smoothly fulfill orders and focus on development sale.

Redesign of the store’s frontend

Based on the guidelines from the client, we changed the color scheme of the store, moving away from shades of blue in favor of gold, black and gradients. Thanks to this procedure, the visual side began to better harmonize with the offered assortment and the segment in which the customer sells. It also turned out to be easier to manage promotions in the store.

Data Layer implementation

The implementation of DataLayer allowed the client to collect more accurate data on products and shopping behavior in the online store. Thanks to this data, the client can create effective advertising campaigns, correctly calculate the profitability of advertisements broken down by channel, broadcast time and type of customer. DataLayer is also the basis for using performance marketing tools.

Speeding things up with Varnish

The implementation of Varnish Cache in the store increased conversion and lowered the bounce rate. How did it work? Varnish is a kind of server that the user reaches before the request to generate website content goes to the main web server. If the request cache is available, it takes only a few milliseconds for the page to be delivered to the user. Benefiting from Varnish, right after implementation, it allowed to reduce the loading time of the client's website several times.

Virtual product implementation

Designing a virtual product was a response to the need for our client to offer virtual vouchers for training on eyelash styling, extension, and thickening. Based on the consultations, a virtual product was created, managed from the back office, which:

  • may have variants, e.g., price
  • is delivered to the e-mail address of the ordering user in the form of a PDF file containing graphics designed by the customer
  • may be customizable in terms of payment methods and shipping methods
  • is possible to purchase individually, but also as a basket combined with physical products

Implementation of the ElasticSearch search engine

The implementation of ElasticSearch at the customer's site resulted in a significant acceleration of the search for products in the store, and the general perception of the store in the eyes of customers has improved. The client also noted a decrease in the number of phone calls and e-mail inquiries.

Plans for the future

This fruitful cooperation, which resulted in the development of the client’s e-commerce, allows us to look optimistically into the future, in which we will jointly undertake the implementation of a new visual identity of the store and move the store from a subdomain to the main domain.

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