Magento 2 online store
The key to ecommerce success

Magento 2 is a template, engine, and foundation for an online store. Every store on the platform can work and look however you want it to. Full stability and full personalization — this is what Magento 2 offers.

High quality of the code and a supportive partnership are our guarantee. Your store on Magento will be coded by the team who has worked with some of the most desirable luxury fashion brands in the world.

In an extremely competitive environment, which is currently online fashion, we provide solutions that make winning easy.

Implementation of a new store on Magento 2 – step by step

From our first conversation to your completed working store, you have our full attention and commitment. In the same way that great fashion is created, we discuss, sketch, test, and finally, tailor a service that matches your needs 100%.

We become a part of your team for the duration of the project.

Careful analysis
We discuss and arrange all the details to be sure that we fully understand your goals and needs.
Meticulous implementation
Thanks to the testing platform, Agile methodology, and our experience, we build exactly the service you need.
Uncompromising tests
We check everything so that you don't have to worry about anything. First, the elements are accepted by the testers, then by you.
Smooth start
We are working hard to make your new store easy to use. After the store is launched, you also get a 3-month warranty.

Magento 2 is the engine of ecommerce success

It is no coincidence that you see stores on Magento 2 so often. Their owners want to sell more and faster, and they have chosen the right tool.

When you make the switch, you’ll have the same products and marketing, but a much better store:

Simpler growth
Magento 2 is very scalable. Two hundred, one thousand, a million products — when you sell more and more, the store simply grows with the company.
Multi-site control
Multiwebsite allows you to run many domains and brands in one administration panel. Conquer every industry you want, with one engine!
360˚ integration
Magento 2 is a global ecommerce standard with practically infinite possibilities for integration. New systems align with Magento, not the other way around.
Constant support
The huge Magento 2 online community offers a constant influx of new modules for your store. Thousands of programmers code for you without you even realizing it.

Only width Alekseon

  • Proprietary system of returns and exchanges
    Advanced configuration of return rules (e.g., deadlines, availability, reasons), front-office operation and back-office service. Functionalities not available in the Community Version of Magento.
  • Original WMS system
    Handling the entire order in one place: scanning codes, multistock with priorities, reports, and time statistics from order placement to shipment.
  • 24/7 monitoring and alarm system
    If something happens, we let our customers know about it and respond immediately. Full control, less stress, and the feeling that someone is always looking after the wellbeing of your store.

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