Alekseon: Good programming is always in style

We provide the IT industry with what has been known in fashion for a long time — the entire experience is a sale driver, not the product itself. If this is what you are looking for, we may be your ideal fit.

Sometimes we say we're fashionline - because fashion, programming, and ecommerce are equally coded into our DNA.

Meet the team that programmed for Louboutin in France, and possesses all the skills to create an effective store worthy of your products:


We listen, listen, and listen — and only after do we code

In your business, you are the master. We are Magento masters. That is why we will listen to you very carefully first, so that we can respond to the project only when we fully understand the challenge.

We have very demanding and very satisfied clients

We deliver not only what you order, but what really works. Each of the designers you meet here has a minimum of 6 years of experience in exactly what you need to be successful.

We are distinguished by the way we work and the outcomes we produce. We deliver exceptional results in a unique industry:


Code and service excellence

We have only one standard of work and quality — the highest. Today, only perfection is suitable.


Modern solutions

We work according to the standards of the future, so that customers are ready for it today.


Ambition at every turn

We are here to make your store work better and sell more. Your goals are our goals.

If this approach resonates with you, we are probably a great fit. Get in touch to speak with us or to receive a complimentary estimate:

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