Join the Alekseon team and create the best code in life

If everyone wants to work with you, we'll give you reasons that you would like to work with Alekseon.

Great working conditions are our baseline; your talent will get everything it needs to thrive. Much more interesting are the projects you will join over time and finally manage.

However, nothing will happen if you don't get in touch. Apply, ask, write:

If (looking for a good job) { // write to Alekseon:

A good programmer needs good projects, and one who strives to become better will excel where something new is constantly emerging and happening.

This is how we work. Our fashion experience provides us with creative energy that we transform into rigorous code, excellent user experiences, and results for our clients.

We could work on the next project together. Join us!

Currently, we are looking for:


What we offer

- pay as you should get paid
- full-time employment
- optional B2B contract after 1 year
- place and space for your development
- training to choose
- advanced equipment
- variety of different tasks
- unique projects

Additionally, a comfortable armchair, full fridge, and great coffee :)

What we are looking for

- PHP experience from A to Z
- team-oriented approach
- eagerness for difficult questions and inspiring answers
- openness to (not necessarily knowledge in) the fashion industry

Nice to have

- experience in ecommerce
- experience with Magento even more