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Your store is on Magento 2, but is it set up efficiently for sales performance? Only Magento 2 experts can tell you if your store is exactly what you needed and ordered.

We have been building, modifying, migrating, and implementing Magento stores for years and in many countries. Deeply familiar with common programmer mistakes, we know what to look for and where to look for it.

A professional audit from Alekseon gives you detailed knowledge of how your store is performing, and what you can do to make it perform better.

Audit of your store on Magento – step by step


Of course, we start with signing a non-disclosure agreement so that all parties feel comfortable and exchanging confidential information.

Then, you provide us with encrypted access to the platform, server, reverse proxy, etc., so that we can fully analyze the architecture of the website.

We start by creating a map of the entire infrastructure so that we can be sure that we understand every element responsible for the e-commerce site’s operation.
The next step is to connect our proprietary monitoring tools that allow us to quickly understand the reasons behind page loading delays. This task is performed with the cache disabled to ensure that uncached pages also load quickly.

When working in Magento 2, the cache is a very good tool to speed up the website,

but with incorrectly implemented services, it can cover errors. This means that popular pages run quite fast, but the server is heavily loaded, and the checkout process is very slow.

We also attach well-known tools such as NewRelic, Google Page Speed, Pingdom etc. to the website. This, combined with our proprietary solutions, gives us a full picture of slow-running Magento 2 websites.

In the audit report you will find a description of all the defects found by us. You also get information about what we think it would take to fix this problem, and who should be responsible for it (client, agency, hosting).

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