Implementation of the Akeneo PIM system –
Faster and more convenient product management

Akeneo is a product information management system (PIM). Perfectly integrated with Magento 2, it improves the operation of your store and customer experience in many ways.

Benefits include more accurate data analysis; smoother exports and imports; channel linking; easier language and price management; the ability to store millions of products and more.

The implementation of Akeneo is an important step in store management that provides you with a wide range of advantages.

Adding Akeneo to the Magento store – step by step


Implementing the Akeneo PIM system is a relatively simple task, but to do it correctly, it’s necessary to have a strong familiarity with the business at hand, and in particular its process of creating, processing, and delivering products.

Through the Discovery Phase, we dive deeper into:

  • Product attributes
  • Families of attributes
  • Product groups
  • Sales channels
  • Attributes to be translated
  • Currencies
  • Languages
  • Product links…

…and many other factors that allow us to perfectly adjust the Akeneo PIM setting to our client’s needs.


Akeneo PIM has a rich API, thanks to which we can integrate it with any existing system.

We focus here, of course, on building product imports, prices and any additional attributes that are created in other programs.

Then we move on to exports or integration via API with existing e-commerce systems, Point of Sale, ERP, etc.


For the period of 3 months after the implementation is finished, we operate on a warranty basis. This means that when an implementation that was described in the documentation does not work, it is repaired by our team free of charge.

For us, each action we take is an ongoing partnership, meaning that each patch/bug is investigated and fixed by us.


For Alekseon, the application launch is never the end of the adventure. This is where our greatest competitive advantage begins. With us, the client receives a 24/7 monitoring system.

We monitor not only the operation of the application itself, but also server logs, application logs, servers themselves, memory, and CPU usage.

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