e-horyzont.pl - Migration from Magento 1 and development to Magento 2.

For Fam, the exclusive distributor of the Jack Wolfskin brand in Poland, we have performed an advanced data migration from a developed, advanced e-commerce platform based on Magento 1 to a new store on Magento 2.

We divided the migration into 5 stages

1. Analysis and preparation

At this stage, based on workshops with the client, we collected the necessary requirements, based on which the migration BACKLOG was prepared. This stage included deciding on which data will be transferred, as well as which elements a do not have to be reflected in the new project.

2. Migration planning

After discussing the complexity and progress of the migration with the team, we planned the entire workflow in the project divided into scenario variants, considering the positive and negative consequences of the actions taken. We wanted to be ready for all possibilities.

3. Implementation of migration scripts

Using our own knowledge and experience, we developed migration scripts based on a previously prepared analysis of customer needs (functionalities, integration, data, SEO, server configuration)

4. Performing the migration

We implemented migration scripts and operationally controlled the process.

5. Analysis and assessment of the post-migration situation

We started analyzing logs and data from analytical platforms and implemented usability tests.

Migration process

Migration of functionality from Magento 1

We moved and recreated the functionalities that are crucial for business operation from the previous platform onto Magento 2. In addition, based on conversations with the client, we established a catalog of unused functionalities that were not subject to migration. This approach made it possible to slim down the platform from the very beginning.

Integration migration

We have mapped the functional integration with Magento 1 related to the client's ERP class system and external systems.

Database migration

We recreated the database in a test environment (pre-production) where the testers performed the planned round of functional tests.

SEO settings migration

We carried out SEO migration, which covered such areas as: Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, automated mapping of old URLs to 301 redirects. The whole process was based on an SEO audit performed by an external agency working for the client.

Final tests

We conducted automatic and manual tests of the new platform based on a previously prepared test scenario. We put special emphasis on the correctness of the data provided as well as the implemented redirections.

Workshops with the client

The team delegated by the client was comprehensively trained by to ensure that working with the new platform is simple and satisfying.


The entire migration process was documented with an emphasis on the operations performed, tasks, execution times, and implemented functionalities.

Launching a new platform on Magento 2

Based on the client's needs, we planned the launch for a period where reduced store traffic was expected. We developed a checklist and a launch scenario, previously prepared internally based on experience from past migrations.

We had prepared scenarios in case of various circumstances that could arise after the launch.

1. Successful switch to a new platform.
2. A problem switch requiring quick developer intervention and writing hotfixes in real time. To implement this scenario, the development team was on standby, as well as a person from the e-commerce department on the client's side.
3. In case of failure, return to the old platform.
4. Thanks to Cloudflare's DNS service on the server side, it was possible to quickly switch the platform to Magento 2.

After takeoff

1. The testing team conducted tests of the test environment.
2. Server logs, its load, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, System NewRelic were monitored
3. The commissioning report has been made.


It's 2022, it's been almost 5 years since the migration, during which we have made a number of new integrations for the client, implemented new dedicated solutions and are constantly up to the task. We are currently working on a project to rewrite the front of the store to Hyva Template, which we will talk about in a future post.