Łukasz Jemioł

Łukasz Jemioł is a Polish fashion designer who launched his eponymous brand over 10 years ago after graduating from Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź (most prestigious fashion school in Poland). Since 2005 he has gained the respect of both the fashion community and the public at large being one of the most influential designers in the Polish market.
Łukasz started his label using drapery and fluid lines as his point of reference in creating pieces that sway about the body, whether it's a silk shift or a heavy knit sweater dress. His casual, more affordable Basic line was launched in 2011 - collections of slogan garments that refer to greater matters and function as manifestos.

Łukasz Jemioł


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Design of website was 100% done by Alekseon's graphic team and applied by our Frontend Developers. Website was expected to be based on Black&White color giving final customer feeling of luxury and simplicity.

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What does the project look like from the technical side

E-Commerce platform has been created on Magento 1 Community as client is new on the market but it consider moving to Magento Enterprise in future. Thanks to our own staging features client was able to plan product campaigns in future. Website was also equipped with Alekseon's own features like AlekseonFlows, Category Merchandising, SecurityTools etc.

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