Hyva Template implementation on Magento 2
- speed change without store change

If you think of an online store, Magento comes to mind. If you’re in the fashion industry, it’s got to be Alekseon.

And when we add Hyva frontend into the mix, then you get the complete offering — a tool that responds faster and sells faster.

From the outside, the main difference is the shorter Page Load. From the inside, it’s all about lean code and easier operation, among many other advantages. Google favors the faster loading pages and customers love the convenience. The Hyva Template is one of the ingredients to our stores' success, making the merchant’s job easier and the user’s purchases faster and more fluid.

Frontend Hyvä Theme – „Magento on steroids!”

Where Magento 2 increases the sales potential of the store, Hyvä helps you realize this potential to the fullest. A great engine gets a fantastic frontend here, and this is a combination we recommend to all Alekseon clients.

Because our clients deserve the best:

Faster working store

Each additional second of load time could cost you as much as 16% of your potential customers. From now on, your website’s speed will earn you money, not cost you..

Better SEO

Google appreciates websites with less Page Load — that’s why Hyvä gives you a business advantage from the start.

Greater responsiveness

Instant operation regardless of the device and internet speed. Sell ​​quickly on a slow connection too!

Higher conversion

More entries, faster operation, better visibility on Google: all of this allows you to convert more clickers into buyers.

Lower costs

Hyvä requires fewer hours of development using the same effects (new modules, etc.), which offers huge annual savings.

More results from the same store

Just as Magento 2 harnesses your store’s potential, Hyvä harnesses Magento’s potential. The third ingredient of your success will be Alekseon. We look forward to serving you.

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