How is it possible?!

Well, we are wondering too! And yet, after 20 days of total isolation and 140 hours of clicking by the admin panel of Magento 2 he did it! We are extremely pleased, especially considering the fact that the Magento 2 exam was prepared much more carefully than on Magento 1. Consequently, there were a lot of pitfalls in the questions. Congrats Lukasz Linczewski!

Why Solution Specialist is important?

Why is Magento Solution Specialist aka Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner so important in the implementation of the project, writes Jenna Warenn on the Magento blog:

In short - It is a person who should know everything about the functionalities of Magento 2, but also about the realities of E-commerce, project management, collecting data from customers, tax rules, etc. Should also be able to advise on how to best, and hence, the most efficient way to meet customer needs.

What this gives our clients

Sitting down at the table with Magento 2 Solution Specialist (in Polish it would sound like: Certified Specialist Magento 2) to talk about your project, you can be sure that your needs and plans will be properly transferred to the realities of Magento 2. Thanks to this, we can avoid unnecessary expenses for additional modules or modifications of the code, and instead, use native functions in the right way. 

Appropriate planning of the E-commerce platform from the very beginning often leads to great savings when the project is already running and its reconstruction would cause financial losses.