Would you like to have a better interaction with your customers? Encourage contact? Ask for an evaluation of your store? Or maybe build a survey on your e-commerce platform?

If you want to get to know your customers better, their questions and their opinions, you need forms. You need a place to input the content that they will pass on to you in a simple way.

There are definitely a lot of ideas for using forms on your website:

  • Complete the survey ?
  • Ask for a product ?
  • Contact us ?
  • Give your opinion ?
  • Make an offer ?

And many others …

The Magento platform provides only one form, the contact form on the “Contact Us” page through which the customer can contact you. Our experience tells us that e-commerce platforms very often need something more:

  • Embed the form on another subpage
  • More fields
  • Checkboxes

Creating any form on the Magento platform is possible, but requires programming knowledge and several hours of work.

The answer is “Alekseon_WidgetForms”

We have created a module for Magento 2, thanks to which you can easily create a form tailored to your needs, embed it on the website, wherever you want, and conveniently view the collected data in the administration panel.

Functionality of the module

  • Creating forms in the administration panel
  • Embedding the form in a CMS page or in a CMS block
  • Ability to hide the form when it is no longer needed
  • Editing and adding new fields
  • Manage the order of fields in the form
  • Selectable field type: text, text area or select dropdown
  • Support for multilingual websites
  • Any text on the “send” button
  • Free text, after successful form submission
  • Possibility to place several forms on one subpage
  • Managing all forms in one place in the administration panel
  • Convenient viewing of collected data from customers


The module is completely free, available on github: https://github.com/Alekseon/magento2-widget-forms

The recommended installation method is to use composer:
composer require alekseon/widget-forms


The form below was created thanks to our module: