Support Ticket System

Support Ticket System

Extension for Magento 2
Let the customers stay in touch with you. Gather all the requests. Reply through the Back Office, correspond with the customers, assign different departments, add a signatures and manage all the inquiries from one place. Improve your support process.

Extension is compatible with Magento Open Source & Magento Commerce - 2.1, 2.2, 2.3

Ticket Support System for Magento 2

Provide the best customer support by gathering all the inquiries in one place and manage them with the statuses through proper departments.

Stay in touch and control customer tickets in most effective way and save time !

Powerful solution for your store

  • Manage departments
    Create departments and assign specific team member to handle requests.
  • Create ticket for customer
    Decide who and where can create ticket. Guest or customer with account from order or product view.
  • Only clients
    With option with required order you can receive ticket only from customer who already bought product on your page.
  • Attach files configuration
    Allow and manage extensions of files, size or text which can be added in conversation. With option display information you can easily inform customer about requirements about file
  • Frontend Design Configuration
    Personalize your chat to fit your store with proper color and signature.
  • Add new support ticket
    Create new support ticket as admin to customer email. Assign user and set priority due to needs.
  • Auto close tickets
    Solved tickets without reply will be closed automatically after ‘x’ days.
  • Support ticket list
    Manage your support tickets list in one place. Edit and reply through BO. Receive unique URL address to reach the conversation on FO.
  • Correspond with customer
    Stay in touch with customers to answer questions

Provide customers easy access and give support team useful information about created issue

  • Clear conversation window
  • Ticket Number
  • Product SKU
  • Different statuses
  • Date & Hour
  • Attach file option
  • Easy and fast reply
  • Editable signature

All in one place!

Access from Back Office through Marketing Tab – Support Tickets

By gathering all the requests in one place you can control all inquiries with option to filter. Table contains:

  • Date and time of creation
    Know exactly when it was created
  • Title
    See what the case is about
  • Customer Email
    Easily identify customers
  • Status
    Manage reply process
  • Priority
    Know the importance of the case
  • Assigned user
    Know which team member will handle it
  • Departments
    Know which department this ticket is assigned to
  • Last message date
    Know the last respond
  • Action
    View all details & answer to customer

Use option to manage departments and create new tickets

  • Manage Departments
    • Set title of the departments
    • Assign proper agent
    • Decide to enable or disable
    • Edit whenever you want
  • Create New Support Ticket
    • Sent direct email to customer
    • Edit title, status, priority
    • Input order SKU & message
    • Attach files

Setting proper departments will improve the support process as each inquiry will be redirected to right department.

Tickets can be created from different places with order required (optionally) which means receiving tickets only from customers who already bought product on your page. In BO you can manage it using below options:

  • Allowed For Guests
    Enable guests to create support tickets
  • From Ticket List
    Enable for logged users in dashboard to create tickets
  • From Order View
    Enable to create ticket on order preview
  • From Product View
    Enable to create ticket directly on product page
  • Assigned Order Is Required
    Enable to receive tickets only from customers who bought product

When there is new message in ticket customer will get an email. Using link in email customer will be redirected to conversation page with unique URL address where he can reply. That is way there is no need to login into account every time.

On the other sight assigned agent in department can be changed at any time so you will have full control of who handle the issues and where they should be forwarded. Moreover as admin you can also sent a direct email to customer if needed.

To manage the ticket process better each one can be set with proper status. They are available in the grid while creating and responding.

  • New
    Just created
  • Open
    Waiting for the action to be taken
  • Waiting For Customer
    Support team answered to customer
  • Solved
    The issue was solved With the auto close tickets option each ticket can be close after ‘x’ days when there is no new message. It will automatically clear the ticket list saving your time!
  • Closed
    After solved status

Improve your support system and stay in touch with all your customers!

Why to choose Alekseon Support Ticket System Module for Magento 2 ?

  • To increase you the efficiency of support system
  • To easily manage all your customers requests
  • To solve issues with right departments
  • To personalize the module to your needs including design aspect

...and optionally
allow us to handle the installation process and get support up to 12 months !

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