Store Locator

Store Locator

Extension for Magento 1
Manage your physical stores from the Back Office. Place markers on the map, add street address and opening hours. Let your customers find you! Upload images of your store, play with Google Map V3 colors to enhance your map visual. Our module follows all best Magento standards. Extend functionality with custom attributes built on EAV model. Need more? Try our demo!

Link in category navigaton

Want to place storelocator link in top navigation? Piece of cake! Just create a new empty category and pass its id in module configuration. That's it!

with EAV model

Super simply way to handle your custom attributes.

Automatic map coordinations

Module will calculate map coordinates for each of your store on map based on given address. Google Api Key is required.

Custom marker icon

You can upload easly your custom icon marker for your stores. It can be a logo of your brand or any other graphic.

Style your map!

Follow the Google map guideline in order to color-up your map. Give your map a unique look directly from the Back Office!

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