The biggest challenge we faced in implementing the E-Commerce platform for Manolo Blahnik was the integration with numerous external systems. The site we built interfaces with payment gateways, storage systems, shipping systems, and product management platforms—which makes it extremely dynamic and efficient.

After migration onto Magento 2, Manolo Blahnik online sales inreased by 60% overnight.

Portfolio analysis
Portfolio analysis
Portfolio analysis


Future Corp is the London-based firm who provided the beautiful web design. Thanks to the close cooperation of our frontend developers and the Future Corp design team, we managed to create the effect of elegance, prestige and quality.

Portfolio analysis


The e-commerce platorma for Manolo Blahnik was built on Magento Open Source 2.2.0. The platform in this version had a lot of errors, but thanks to the community support we eliminated them on a regular basis. The implementation of the project took 9 months.

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