Modules Conflict Detector

Modules Conflict Detector

Extension for Magento 1
The Modules Conflict Detector can help you to find conflicted extensions, it can be also useful for developers, it allows to see which models, helpers and blocks are overwritten.

Check if you don't have conflicts in rewrites between installed modules

If you are using several external modules, you may have conflicts between your installed extensions. It can happen that some extensions rewrite same classes, this conflicts are reason that your module doesn't work properly. This module will find all rewrites in configuration files of model, block and helper classes, and will display them in grid as conflicted or not.

Read more about conflicts on our blog: Conflicts between modules in Magento

Key Features

  • - Check your rewrites from configuration files.
  • - All rewrites are displayed in grid, columns are filterable and searchable.

Configuration And Management

After successful installation you would have access to the grid with rewrites under
System -> Alekseon Tools -> Modules Conflict Detector.

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